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Cutting Edge Reasons To Consider Steel Windows For Your Home

Newly Installed Steel Windows

When choosing new windows for a house, for many the go-to choice is wood or aluminum framed windows. For years, these have been the first choice for window framing (for many reasons including insulation properties and price) but newer technology is changing that, and steel windows for your home are something to think about. Here are five of the greatest reasons to consider this trend in your home.

Open Flow

Adding steel framed windows to your home can really open up space and make a huge difference in the amount of light that enters your home, all while providing a less obstructed view and seamless flow to the outdoors.


Unlike other materials, Steel stands the test of time and is resistant to the elements; it will not warp, erode, expand, or contract. This also means steel requires less maintenance and upkeep than traditional wood windows. While steel windows may be pricier initially, they can save time and money on upkeep in the long run. Often when less durable window types arrive on a job, they’re already damaged and need to be returned and replaced. Steel windows are virtually free of this sourcing setback.


Steel is around 10 times stronger than wood and three times that of aluminum, and having steel windows can actually add to the structural integrity of a house. Stronger material means less material is needed to construct a window, allowing for the reduced sightlines that make them so aesthetically pleasing. This effect cannot be achieved with other materials.

New Steel WindowsInsulation

In the past, steel windows were found more in commercial buildings because of their poor insulating ability. Newer technology has changed that, now they rival their wood and aluminum counterparts. Thermal breaking involves separating the frame into exterior and interior pieces and conjoining them with a less conductive material. Similarly, multiple glass panes are installed and separated by spaces filled with argon gas. This method is also beneficial when it comes to outside noise reduction.

Environmentally Friendly

Many steel windows are constructed of 100% recycled material. They don’t have to be replaced often, and when they do reach the end of their long life, they can be recycled yet again.

The Downside

There are not many negative aspects to steel windows; their major downside is price, but then again less upkeep and lower energy costs will help to mitigate this. Another downside is susceptibility to salt damage. However, this is only a threat to coastal homes.
Overall, steel windows are versatile, efficient, and long-lasting – definitely a great option to be considered.
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