Cedarburg Farm House

This transformative design/build total home makeover started with a neglected 1890’s farm house that belonged to an early settler of the west side of Cedarburg, WI. The current Owners wish list included more space, we added over 1500 square feet to the existing home, an attached garage, we added a neatly tucked under two car garage with an entry to a new mudroom. Most of all the Owners wanted energy efficiency and we delivered! What was once a drafty, un-insulated circa19th century wood framed structured was transformed into an energy efficient 21st century classic. The new residence is heated and cooled by means of an 8 ton, closed loop geothermal ground source heat pump system. The new structure is insulated with closed cell foam insulation which makes the home as "tight as Tupperware". All-in-all this remodeled residence is a masterpiece of energy efficiency and thoughtful design. Contact us for more information.